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First batch!

Hello again! It's Mary here for another update.

I know, posting two days in a row- what the hell could I possibly have to update you on? Well, I feel I omitted something big from yesterdays post that I think could be good to blog about today! Yesterday I talked a bit about how I was approved for my first ever craft market! I've been working really hard to make products that'll sell there, and it's really taken over every aspect of my life in the last week. But that leaves a big question doesn't it? What am I actually making? If I'm spending all this time crocheting, surely I have something to show for it. Right? So that's the point of today's blog. To show off the items I've made (so far) and talk about them a little bit!

First things first, let's go in order of what I made! Starting with these little octos! Squids? I'm calling them squids cause the name "Sleepy Squids" sounds cuter. Also referencing things is fun sometimes! If you know, you know. These little creatures will be priced $15 a piece at the market. The pattern used is by Cutiepie Crochet and if you'd like a link to the pattern, click the button below! These took me around 3-4 hours to make per squid.

Next, we got the pride themed opossums! I didn't make many of these because I'm unsure of how they will sell. I don't really know if anybody in my area will actually care to buy a opossum stuffed animal to be honest. A lot of people find them creepy after all. So I only made 2 to test the waters. They're $10 each and took me around 5 hours to make per opossum. The pattern is by Theresas Crochet Shop and it's linked as well.

Oh how I love these adorable little dragons. They zip together in about 3 hours because they're no sew so I absolutely plan on making more. They also forced me to finally learn how to do a bobble stitch. It's been a long time coming! I stumbled across this pattern being advertised on Tiktok, so I would say that's a lucky find! I'm selling these fearsome gents for $10 each and I feel like these may be my best sellers. I'm really happy with these little guys! Pattern is by crochet by genna.

Here's my personal favorite item I made for this market, this Pikachu doll! It took forever to make, but I think it was absolutely worth it for how cute it is. Took me about 8 hours all together. I don't think I'll make another one for this market, but at least it was rewarding! This Pikachu is priced at $25. I want to charge more because of how much effort went into it, but I feel like it won't sell then. I'm assuming my main demographic is kids, and they don't usually have a lot of spending money. So I think $25 will be a more than fair price. I didn't quite have the right color yellow for Pikachu's fur so he came out a little pale. He's still really cute though! The pattern is by 1up Crochet.

Here's where I show off some of the cheaper items. I made some little blob animal key chains for $5 each! They zip together in under 2 hours so I made a handful of them in like a day. I think they're absolutely adorable! I just hope others think the same. I made the pattern for these myself so, maybe one day I'll release it on etsy or something. They were inspired by a crochet kit my mother gave me, but the pattern it came with was really out of wack. So I pretty much had to totally remake it.

Last but not least we have some jelly key chains! Funny thing about these, I ordered some 50g yarns to use on aliexpress because they claimed they were made of 100% acrylic. Well it sure don't feel like acrylic and I suspect it's cotton. I usually don't use cotton yarn, so I made up a small and quick pattern to put the yarn to good use. That's where these jellies came in! They are also $5 and are finished in under 2 hours! I plan on making like 2 more since I think they're super cute.

Besides some loom bracelets, this is all I've made so far! I plan on making a lot more stock, but currently these plushies all together are worth $165. That's still not enough to even cover the table cost! So I have a lot more work to do. I still have 3 and a half weeks to accomplish that though, so I'm not all that worried. I spent some money on getting other little items produced as well. My goal really is just to break even for my first market. I don't plan on doing amazing, I just want enough to cover the table, all the decor, and the posters I had to buy.

But yeah, that's all for now! Thank you for reading and I'll be sure to update again when something happens or I have a lot more stock! Tomorrow I'm meeting up with Chelsea to grind out a bunch of products so maybe it'll be sooner than you may think! Have a good one y'all.

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