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Hello and welcome to the official blog and gallery of my business, Meatpie! Here on this blog, I will be mostly focused on showing off my crochet skills.To view more details on the indie gaming development side of my works, click the "My Neocities" button on the side. I do plan on moving this blog to the Neocities website at some point, but I am choosing to host it on WIX right now since it would be more time efficient for me.

About me

If you're coming from my social media, you may have an idea of who I am, so I'll keep it short! My name is Mary and I am the head of this little team here.My birthday is August 11th and I am 20 years old at the time of writing this!

I like to do craft and vendor markets with a few of my friends.My primary point of interest is my crochet work, but we also sell some charm earrings, loom/beaded bracelets, pins, and stickers!

I've been crocheting for about a year and a half now I'd say? I did it very casually before, but I really started investing my time into practicing in April of 2023. I was out of work at the time due to medical reasons so I had some spare time on the table.So I figured that would probably be a better time than ever to get into it! I mostly do amigurumi because I'm a fanatic for stuffed dolls.

Icon of my mascot "Binkie."


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